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Mary Elizabeth Marlow - Speaker, Counselor, Intuitive


Mary Elizabeth offers a  variety of counseling services are available for individuals, couples and families   These sessions take place in Virginia Beach, Virginia and can also be scheduled in the places where Mary Elizabeth conducts seminars and lectures. In addition, phone/Skype sessions are available for persons whom she has worked with previously or are referrals.     

With the creative use of dreams, spontaneous drawings, clay, and inner processes, she helps others de-code the mysteries and metaphors of their lives and open to the fullness of their story.      

Intuitive Counseling Sessions

The Turning Point
Realigning with Soul
. What would you be capable of if you could shift from your Limited Self to your Greater Self? Suppose it is possible to release what no longer serves and realign with what is soulful and true. And suppose you could do all of this in a matter of three days, instead of months or years?

The Turning Point is an intensive one-on-one transformational experience. What is included depends on what would be most helpful for that particular person, such as: molding your then and now story in clay, dream interpretation, mandalas, spontaneous drawings (stick figures work well), inner processes, de-coding metaphors, meditation, and rituals. Whatever your story was is lifted to a higher level of awareness. And you begin to experience a newness of beauty, energy, power, and grace. Choose either an 8 or 10 hour session over a two or three day period. Cost $150 per hour.

Mary Elizabeth Marlow - Speaker, Counselor, Intuitive

Three Hour In-Depth Sessions
This three hour session allows the space and time to explore any life issue(s) you might have. Each session is uniquely designed for the needs of that particular person. The modalities for each session are carefully selected to enable a shift in consciousness. One leaves with a heighten awareness and a renewed sense of infinite possibilities. Cost $500
Mary Elizabeth for payment and sign on information. Cost $100 per hour in U.S.              

Phone/ Skype Sessions
Sessions are usually focused on one of three areas: dream interpretation, current issues, or life patterns. To Schedule a session, e-mail memarlow9@cox.net. Include your phone number. Someone will contact you and arrange the phone appointment. Sessions are one hour. Cost $100 per hour. Advanced payment required. PayPal acceptedPayPal accepted.

Skype sessions are done in two different ways. We meet online either without previous preparation or send a brief summary of the subject you want to discuss. And if you choose, send a drawing to illustrate the issue (stick figures work well). Contact Mary Elizabeth for payment and sign on information. Cost $100 per hour in U.S., Outside U.S. $80 per hour. Payment in advance. Paypal accepted.     

                   Spiritual Mentoring sessions can also be conducted by phone.     

Mary Elizabeth Marlow - Speaker, Counselor, Intuitive, Spiritual Counseling
Spiritual Mentoring is available for those persons who want personal coaching in areas that can deepen their understanding of their soul essence and their unique spiritual journey. Spiritual mentoring sessions can be conducted in person and/or by phone/Skype.   

Areas of special interest may include:  dreamwork, meditation, creating personal ceremonies and rituals, learning how to read ones metaphors, identifying lessons, beliefs, patterns, cycles, turning points, transitions, and major and minor initiations.

Mary Elizabeth has a particular gift for helping people fine-tune their life-direction, develop their psychic and intuitive abilities, become more spiritually discerning, explore what one has come to learn this life, and take full ownership and expression of their soul calling.  Sessions are one hour.  Cost is $125.

To schedule a Spiritual Mentoring session, include your phone number and e-mail  memarlow9@cox.net.


Family Sessions are designed for families who want greater clarity about their family dynamics and wish to discover healthier and more creative ways to interact as a family unit. We use the word family in its broadest sense to include, for example:  three grown sisters, a single parent with children, a blended family, or a three generational family.

Family Sessions are half-day and /or full day sessions. The focus of the Family Session is to understand how a particular family was defined in the past, what it is now, and what it potentially can be. Family sessions are a unique opportunity for family members to come together in a safe environment. Each session is different, dependent upon the needs, concerns, beliefs, patterns and dynamics of that particular family. Guidelines are established so that everyone has an opportunity to be listened to and, in turn, listen to others.

Family sessions take place in Virginia Beach or in the locality where Mary Elizabeth is conducting seminars. In special circumstances, families fly Mary Elizabeth to their home to conduct a family session. One hour session, $200; Half-day, four hour sessions, are $750; full-day, eight hour sessions, are $1500. 

To schedule a Family Session, include your phone number and e-mail memarlow9@cox.net.

Individual Sessions focus on the particular concerns and issues of each person.  Areas of interest may include current challenges,  identifying patterns which repeat,  family and generational patterns (including addictions and abuse patterns), dealing with loss and transition,  releasing the past, setting healthy boundaries, enhancing self-care and self-worth, clearing emotional blocks, re-claiming personal power, clarifying relationship issues, and establishing healthy communication skills. Sessions are one hour and cost $100 - $125.  (sliding scale when appropriate)

To schedule an Individual Session, email memarlow9@cox.net 

Couple Sessions are sensitively designed to address the concerns and issues of each couple.

Areas of interest may include:  relationship history, family history, and generational patterns of both parties;  addiction and abuse issues,  unconscious patterns which create current difficulties,  matching vulnerabilities,  identifying coping  strategies that donít work,  healing the past, establishing  guidelines for a healthy relationship, taking personal responsibility, listening skills, communication skills, resolving differences, healthy boundaries, re-establishing trust, and  re-creating the relationship. Sessions are one hour and cost $125.   

To schedule a Couple Session, email memarlow9@cox.net