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Mary Elizabeth Marlow - Speaker, Counselor, Intuitive
Excerpts from Jumping Mouse...

￿Once we begin to listen with our hearts, we must expect inner changes and, in all probability, outer changes as well.  The world we consider safe, familiar and reliable may suddenly be shattered or be turned upside-down.  The dramatic shifts,  the flip-flops,  the sudden turn-around, the wrenching away from what we have thought was our security, all serve the greater purpose: to shift our focus from reliance on the outer to trust in the inner, a knowing born of compassion, intuition and discernment. ￿ 


Mary Elizabeth Marlow - Speaker, Counselor, IntuitiveThe NEW EDITION of Jumping Mouse includes an appendix with an Experiential Guide of ceremonies, rituals, exercises and reveries. The experiential guide is designed for groups and for persons who have read Jumping Mouse and would like to go deeper in the exploration of their own journey. The suggested experiences correspond with the theme of each chapter. For example, there are questions to ponder, guidelines for making your own medicine shield, a rite of passage ceremony, and a ceremony for healing betrayals.        

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Mary Elizabeth Marlow - Speaker, Counselor, Intuitive

To emerge as a woman is an exquisite dance.  We stretch.  We reach out, we express, we move, sometimes boldly, sometimes timidly, sometimes gracefully, sometimes awkwardly.  We take a step forward; we take a step backwards.  And then, unsure, we listen in stillness to sense our rhythm once more, to know when to, whether to or even it we should dance. We leap up with joy.  We bend over in pain.  Yet, we still dance.  In time, we embrace it all.  We dance on it all. ￿


This Handbook is the dance of women opening to the full depth, power and potency of being a woman.  It is women moving with and through their weaknesses, their strengths, their challenges, their defeats, their victories and their triumphs. It is women discovering the joy of being a woman.  It is women being challenged to reclaim their innate wisdom through ritual and story-telling with funny and poignant stories that delight and uplift. It is women knowing and accepting themselves.

Gathered form the experience of women throughout the United States and Europe, Handbook for the Emerging Woman is a ground-breaking book-complete with exercises and rituals which awaken the unlimited power of the feminine spirit. 

Excerpts from Handbook for the Emerging Woman

 ￿Betrayal is the death of trust. You know you have moved beyond betrayal when the gift you received form the betrayal is greater than the pain you have invested in it.￿  

￿Love is expecting people to keep their agreements.
Wisdom is knowing they won￿t always,
Self-Love is loving yourself even when they don￿t￿.The only way to have all the love we need is to love ourselves.  Deciding to love who we are is perhaps the most important decision we ever make.￿


Quote from Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD author, Goddesses in Everywoman

￿I know Mary Elizabeth Marlow as an especially perceptive person, whose psychological insights have both a compassionate and a spiritual basis.  Emerging Woman grows out of her years of experience and is a unique handbook, a transformational guide to empower women.￿

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Additional CD's on various topics taken from lectures and seminars
will be available in the near future.

Mary Elizabeth Marlow - Speaker, Counselor, Intuitive Approximately one-third of our lives is spent sleeping. When we take refuge in sleep, we go home. We touch the infinite Source of soul knowledge and are given dreams which speak to us the way wise teachers have always spoken, in story, parable and metaphor.

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