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Mary Elizabeth Marlow is an international speaker and seminar leader, transpersonal teacher, storyteller, ritualist, and intuitive counselor.  She serves as a guide to many on their spiritual journey, and awakens others to a deeper sense of their authentic self. With the creative use of dreams, spontaneous drawings and inner processes, she helps individuals, groups, and families de-code the metaphors and mysteries of their lives.   

Mary Elizabeth  is known for her intuitive ability to go straight to the heart of the issue.  She is especially skillful in identifying the source of soul patterns (core patterns which repeat) and empowering others to embrace their soul calling (their unique talents, abilities, gifts, and attributes). She is the author of Jumping Mouse, Handbook for the Emerging Woman, and co-author with Joseph Rael ( Beautiful Painted Arrow) of Being in Vibration. Her books have been translated into seven languages. ...More biography



The Native American story of Jumping Mouse is a compelling tale which portrays the journey to acquire inner trust. Travel alongside Jumping Mouse and explore the initiations one must meet in order to listen within: doubt, betrayal, discernment, the leap of faith, the pull of consensus reality, and the subtleties of paradox.  This story will reawaken innocence and take you closer to the heart of your own truth.

"Mary Elizabeth teaches us how to find our own true selves by helping us to return to that point of light before thought made us aware, for it is in not knowing that we know our sacredness." Joseph Rael ( Beautiful Painted Arrow) ...More about this book


“This small profound book is in itself is a creation of beauty, inside and out.”  Napra Review

In this book, Joseph Rael shares the mystical teachings of his people as he guides the reader to a profound awareness of what it means to be a part of a living universe. From human breath and heartbeat to the pulsating energies of subatomic particles, to the expansions and contractions of stars, vibration is all that exists. ...More about this book


 "I know Mary Elizabeth Marlow as an especially perceptive person, whose psychological insights have both a compassionate and a spiritual basis. Emerging Woman grows out of her experience and is a unique handbook, a transformational guide to empower women".   Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD.  author, Goddesses in Every Woman

This is a guidebook for women opening to the full depth, power and potency of being a woman. Stories gathered from women around the world, along with rituals and experiential processes, are woven together to empower women through initiatory challenges and reawaken their innate wisdom. ...More about this book